Friday, April 24, 2015

CMBA Spring Blogathon: The Fabulous Films of the 30s!

The Classic Movie Blog Association is proud to present The Fabulous Films of the 30s, running from April 27th to May 1st. Please tune into the blogs below on the dates listed to get the lowdown on many of the greatest movies of one of classic Hollywood's most glamorous decades!

April 27th

April 28th

April 29th

April 30th

May 1st
Thanks to all our participants for joining in! And if you want to jump the gun on reading some of the entries, we're proud to present The Fabulous Films of the 30s in eBook form, containing 19 of the above essays and available now! 

Here's what's inside: 
It's available for free at Smashwords and for $0.99 at Amazon! All proceeds are donated to film preservation.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Announcing the CMBA Spring Blogathon - The Fabulous Films of the 30s

Good news, everyone! The subject has been selected for the 2015 CMBA Spring Blogathon, open to all members: The Fabulous Films of the 30s.

This blogathon will celebrate the movies of the 1930s in grand CMBA style from April 27th to May 1st.

(If you're a member of CMBA and wish to participate, please email with your subject by March 31st.)

Here are the banners for the blogathon:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Announcing The Luck of the Irish Blog o'thon : March 15-17th

Top o' the morning film fans! Silver Scenes is proud to present The Luck of the Irish Blog o'thon...a wee little event to celebrate the joy and talent that the Irish have brought to the silver screen for many many years. 

You need not be Irish to participate in this ceilidh because on holy St. Patrick's Day we all be wearing a touch o' the green.....

THE DETAILS:  We not be specific - you can write about almost anything so long as it has a bit o' Irish in it, was filmed prior to 1975, and features no blessed word spoken against the little people. Will you be wanting to write about an Irish-made production? That'll be grand! Will ye be caring to write about an Irish-born actor? We tip our hats to ye! 

Movies that take place in Ireland are surely welcome and you most certainly can write about an American actor with an Irish heritage. We not be turning down any post on Cagney himself. And do not be forgetting the talented Irish men and women who worked behind the magic movie screen as well. 

DATE: The Luck of the Irish Blog o'thon runs from March 15th through St. Paddy's Day itself. Ready to join in the jig? Just click here to be taken to Silver Scenes and add your name, blog site, and the topic you be wanting to write about in the comment box on our site.

Thankee for reading this announcement and we hope to see you at the ceilildh! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Announcing the Russia in Classic Film Blogathon, hosted by Movies Silently

Movies Silently is proud to host the Russia in Classic Film Blogathon. Movies made in Russia, set in Russia, directed by Russians, featuring Russian characters or starring Russian actors are going to be celebrated.

Russian artists and films have contributed immeasurably to the richness of international cinema and this is your chance to commemorate their contributions. Russia was also the exciting setting for movies starring Hollywood legends such as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, John Barrymore, Lon Chaney and Tony Curtis. There really is something for everyone.

The event will take place from March 8 to 10, 2015 and is open to both CMBA members and non-members alike. Please click here for more information.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Madeleine Carroll Blogathon

February 26th & 27th, 2015
Hosted by Tales of the Easily Distracted and Silver Screenings

Note: This was originally posted on Tales of the Easily Distracted website (click HERE).

Madeleine Carroll made her stage debut with a touring company in The Lash. Widely recognised as one of the most beautiful women in films (she won a film beauty competition to start herself off in the business), Carroll's aristocratic blonde allure and sophisticated style were first glimpsed by film audiences in The Guns of Loos in 1928. Rapidly rising to stardom in Britain, she graced such popular films of the early 1930s as Young Woodley,AtlanticThe School for Scandal and I Was a Spy. She played the title role in the play Little Catherine. Abruptly, she announced plans to retire from films to devote herself to a private life with her husband, the first of four.

Carroll attracted the attention of Alfred Hitchcock and in 1935 starred as one of the director's earliest prototypical cool, glib, intelligent blondes in The 39 Steps. Based on the espionage novel by John Buchan, the film became a sensation and with it so did Carroll. Cited by the New York Times for a performance that was "charming and skillful", Carroll became very much in demand. The success of the film made Hitchcock a star in Britain and the US, and established the quintessential English 'Hitchcock blonde' Carroll as the template for his succession of ice cold and elegant leading ladies.Of Hitchcock heroines as exemplified by Carroll film critic Roger Ebert wrote:

The female characters in his films reflected the same qualities over and over again: They were blonde. They were icy and remote. They were imprisoned in costumes that subtly combined fashion with fetishism. They mesmerised the men, who often had physical or psychological handicaps. Sooner or later, every Hitchcock woman was humiliated.
--From the Madeleine Carroll Wiki page

This wouldn’t be strictly a CMBA blogathon, but simply a fun, casual affair open to all who love Madeleine 's movies, and wish to participate.

While we won't keep people from doing the same films, we will let you know if a film has been "taken" so you can select another film if you like.  As the event approaches we'll post a list of the usual suspects here so everyone will know who's participating.

For those of you who need a crib sheet on Ms. Carroll's work, here's a link to her IMDB page.

To sign up, contact either Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci or R.A. Kerr to ask any questions!

Here are some banners you can use on your sites to help the spread the word!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

CMBA Fall Blogathon Forgotten Stars: Participation List

Our CMBA fall blogathon is here and we do hope you'll join us as we celebrate Forgotten Stars from October 27th to the 31st. Here is a list of participants and the days their posts will be arriving!

Monday, Oct. 27th

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

Wednesday, Oct. 29th
Thursday, Oct. 30th

Friday, Oct. 31st.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Almost Time For A CMBA Blogathon!

The CMBA Blogathon: Forgotten Stars 

CMBA members will turn the spotlight on Hollywood's forgotten stars. You know the ones: yesterday they were at the top of the heap and today they are barely remembered.  The event will run from October 27-31 and we do hope you'll join us.

If you haven't yet signed on for the Blogathon and you would like more details email  with CMBA Blogathon in the title by October 3rd.

We hope you'll add a banner to promote the event and stay tuned for the full list of participants.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Build-Your-Own Blogathon Starts August 4th!

For its final 2014 blogathon, The Classic Film & TV Café wanted to do something different. So, this blogathon was "built" by the participating bloggers over the last month. During a span of 20 days, 20 bloggers will write about 20 classic movies. Each movie will somehow be connected to the next--but the connections will vary. The films may be connected by be an actor, director, theme, location, etc. Each participant selected the blogger that follows them--well, except for The Blonde at the Film (who holds the distinction of closing out the blogathon). The fun starts on August 4th! You can view the complete blogathon schedule here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Blogathons! Coming in June...


Spy movies, we can't get enough of them! Well, here is your chance to cover your favorite spy movie made in or before 1970!

Funny spies, sexy spies, action spies, brooding spies... If they snoop, we want 'em! 

Movies Silently will be hosting the Snoopathon June 1 - 3. The event is open to CMBA members and non-members alike. You can find more details here.

1967 IN FILM, JUNE 20 – 22 

Far out! Silver Screenings has teamed up with The Rosebud Cinema to host a blogathon that looks at the year 1967 in film.

1967 was a watershed year in Hollywood. Some regard it as the start of unprecedented creativity in American cinema; others regard it as the era of self-indulgent filmmaking. Regardless, it is a year worth examining. Hollywood would not be the same after 1967.

The 1967 in Film blogathon runs June 20-22, and topics can be as varied as the films released that year. You may review a movie, discuss an influential director or explore new expressions in cinematography. We’re not placing restrictions on topics, and are accepting duplicates. (For example, if three people choose to review The Graduate, that would be groovy.) Click here for more information.


“Girls gone Wilder,” Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled and Aurora of Once Upon a Screen, are beside themselves with excitement to announce The Billy Wilder Blogathon.  This will be a one-day event to celebrate this master’s work on what would have been the 108th anniversary of his birth on June 22. You are invited to join the celebration.

Entries for this event can be anything Wilder related – commentaries on his films or television work, created by his pen or from his place behind the camera. Click here for all the details…