A Short History of the CMBA 

Rick Armstrong of the Classic Film and TV Café founded the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) on October 31, 2009. Rick's goal was to form a nonprofit organization of classic movie bloggers to promote classic movies, support its bloggers, establish quality standards, and recognize classic movie blogging excellence. Rick set up a website and designed the CMBA logo the same day. On November 1st, he invited Rupert Alistair of Classic Movies Digest to become the CMBA's second member. 

Rupert was intrigued, but also had questions. In his first e-mails, he asked:  "How did this entity come about? What is the criteria for involvement? Regular posts to the site? How are votes for new members gathered?" Rupert's questions led Rick to write the CMBA Charter, which contained the provision that, unlike most blogging associations, the CMBA's current members would vote on accepting new members and elect a Board of Governors to manage the organization. The CMBA's first members approved the CMBA Charter on November 22, 2009. A handful of those founding CMBA members are still actively blogging members today, including Alex (Korova Theatre Presents); Moira (The Skeins), Rupert and Rick. 

In February 2010, the CMBA hosted its first blogathon, which celebrated Black History Month. Official CMBA blogathons have continued through the years, now hosted twice annually. 

By June 2010, the group had 21 members, enough to elect its first Board of Governors comprised of: Rick (Chairman); Brian (Classic Filmboy's Movie Paradise); Kevin (Kevin's Movie Corner); Becky (ClassicBecky's Brain Food); and Kim (1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die).

In September 2010, the CMBA concluded its first year by handing out its inaugural CiMBA Awards to recognize its members' best blog posts of the year. These awards for excellence continue to be presented annually, though they are no longer called “CiMBAs” but simply the CMBA Awards. 

Over the years, members have come and gone, but the CMBA has endured and matured into a thriving organization with a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Today, as the CMBA approaches its 10th anniversary with 80 members and counting, the future looks bright for this group of impassioned classic movie bloggers.

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