Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CMBA Blog Profile: GlamAmor

The CMBA profiles two classic movie blogs per month. Today we're featuring Kimberly from GlamAmor.

Kimberly of GlamAmor is a true CMBA celebrity.

Not only is she the manager of marketing at Sony Pictures Television, she's a popular lecturer at the historic Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica with her series on "History of Fashion in Film".

Kimberly has spent her time in the trenches doing research on – and writing about – fashion and film history, and she acts as a consultant for several organizations including TCM, BBC Worldwide, Christie's Inc., and the Los Angeles Tourism Board.

GlamAmor is a fascinating site with articles, event coverage and taped interviews. One of her favorite interviews is with Monika Henreid, the daughter of an accomplished Hollywood actor.

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing my interview with Monika Henreid," says Kimberly. "It offered the opportunity to put a spotlight on costume designer Orry-Kelly as well as delve into the backstories of both Now, Voyager and Casablanca with the daughter of Paul Henreid. I also want to work more in front of the camera, so this was a great experience to both host and produce the project."

You can watch Kimberly's interview HERE.

CMBA: What sparked your interest in classic film?
GlamAmor: Like so many, my interest began with my family. My father was a police officer and would watch film noir when he came home after work – The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, and many others. As a child, I came to love them, too. Then when I was older, the Hitchcock films became another gateway into more and more classic cinema.

CMBA: What makes a film a "classic" in your opinion?
GlamAmor: Of course there's much debate about this. I tend to think of movies from the dawn of Hollywood through 1979 as being part of classic cinema. But there are movies beyond that timeframe that have a high quality about them – from direction to acting to production design – as well as a timelessness that can qualify them as classics, too.

CMBA: What classic film(s) do you recommend to people who say they hate old movies?
GlamAmor: Oh, the Hitchcock movies are an easy way to address this. They have a certain style about them that appeals to most people. I see people light up when I mention them.

CMBA: Why should people care about classic film?
GlamAmor: This is my mission in life, really, teaching and reminding people why they should care about classic film. Those movies are the originals – so much of what we see coming from Hollywood today relate in some way to those classics. This is also true in something that I focus on in my work, which is the costume design and overall style. The fashion industry draws inspiration from classic cinema all the time. Really, for anyone in the arts, classic cinema remains a source of inspiration. It proves the ongoing relevance of these films.

CMBA: What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
GlamAmor: Sharing what I know and love about classic film, and being able to reach an audience around the world.

CMBA: What challenges do you face with your blog, and how do you overcome them?
GlamAmor: I don't think the website itself has presented challenges, other than the technical ones we all deal with.

CMBA: What advice would you give to a new blogger?
GlamAmor: Make sure you write about something that you truly know and love, not what you think you should be writing about for the audience or advertising, for example.  Also make sure you pick a pace - how often you post - that's something that you can do without it overwhelming you. It's not as much about quantity as it is about quality.

Thank you for joining us, Kimberly! You can visit GlamAmor HERE.


  1. Kimberly is a true star in how she presents her knowledge and the subject matter of classic film and film costume design. The latter is one of the arts and crafts that can often make the movie character but may go unperceived as such. In other situations it can launch styles that are later claimed by bigger names in couture. Many stars of classic Hollywood owe their persona to the costume designers that created their looks. Kimberly is adept in pointing this out in her lectures and her blog. They are always interesting and informative.

  2. GlamAmore takes me to the world of fashion in ways I never expected. Before Kimberly I thought my caftans were simply comfortable, now I feel quite fashionable.