Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The Spring 2024 CMBA Blogathon: Screen Debuts & Last Hurrahs

It’s almost here! Time for the CMBA Spring Blogathon! This year’s theme is Screen Debuts & Last Hurrahs. It will run from May 20-24, 2024.

The blogathon, for CMBA members only, will celebrate the first tentative steps onto the screen or behind the lens, as well as the grand finales of artistic voyages. Select any actor/actress, director, cinematographer, editor, fashion designer, etc. and write about their first or last (or both!) experience in front of or behind the camera. (If it is difficult to find their earliest work, you can write about their first accessible feature.)

Because there is such a variety of topics to choose from, we won't be accepting duplicates. Topic selections will be accepted in order of receipt.

To promote the blogathon on your blog, take your pick from any of the banners at the bottom of this post. 

We’re really looking forward to another great blogathon! 

Monday, May 20:
  • Realweegiemidget Reviews Films, TV, Books and More: Michael Caine/Glenda Jackson The Romantic Englishwoman & The Great Escaper
  • 4 Star Films: The Last Hurrah - Stars Spencer Tracy and James Gleason's final film.
  • silverscreenmodes: Gene Tierney
  • Taking Up Room: Robin Williams
  • A Person in the Dark: James Cagney in "One, Two, Three"
  • Shadows and Satin: Kirk Douglas in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
  • Louise Brooks Society: Louise Brooks - debut
  • Cary Grant Won't Eat You: Van Heflin's debut in A Woman Rebels
  • Hometowns to Hollywood: Eva Marie Saint
  • The Classic Movie Muse: Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy -Naughty Marietta (1935): 
Tuesday, May 21: 
  • Box Office Poisons: Grace Kelly
  • Twenty Four Frames: Martin Scorsese - Who's That Knocking At My Door
  • Critica Retro: Clara Bow
  • The Everyday Cinephile: Josef von Sternberg’s - The Salvation Hunters 1925
  • The Wonderful World of CinemaJoseph L. Mankiewicz - Sleuth 
  • In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood: 12 Angry Men (1957) - The Directorial Debut Of Sidney Lumet
Wednesday, May 22:
  • Silent-ology: Robert Harron
  • The Silver Screen Affair: Cedric Gibbons
  • Film Fanatic: William Wyler 
  • Cinematic Scribblings: Federico Fellini - The White Sheik 1952
  • Classic Film Observations & Obsessions: Cecil B. DeMille - Last Hurrah
  • Nitrate Glow: Stanley Kubrick's debut feature Fear and Desire
  • Hamlette's Soliloquy: Bobby Darin in "Come September" (1961)
Thursday, May 23:
  • Lady Eve’s Reel Life: Ingrid Bergman
  • Another Old Movie Blog: Richard LeGrand - Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943)
  • I Found it at the Movies: Burt Lancaster in Field of Dreams 1989
  • Whimsically Classic: Robert Montgomery's directorial debut - Lady in the Lake 1947
  • Speakeasy: Laird Cregar
Friday, May 24:
  • Outspoken & Freckled: John Garfield 
  • A Vintage Nerd: Doris Day
  • The Last Drive In: Teresa Wright in The Little Foxes 1941
  • Louise Brooks Society: Louise Brooks in Overland Stage Raiders 1938
  • Once Upon a Screen: Jack Lemmon in It Should Happen to You 1954
  • Silver Screenings: Douglas Fairbanks in The Private Life of Don Juan


  1. This is a fun trivia question in itself! I'm wondering how many of these I could name for my favorite actors and directors...

  2. Found this!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Sylvia!

    2. I was looking for the like button, great list - seen and reviewed a few of these swan songs.

  3. I signed up to write about Robin Williams, but does he go back far enough? His last film was released in 2015. I can always find someone else if this doesn't work.

    1. Hi Rebecca - Robin Williams' first film appearance was in 1977. I think it should be fine!

  4. Do you have a roster with the list of participants and their topic choices - so I know what subjects have been claimed? I have a few ideas in mind, but I think they could get snapped up fast.

  5. Hello CMBA!! Finding a topic for the this blogathon was not easy for me, but I've finally come to Jack Lemmon in his feature debut, George Cukor's IT SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU (1954). The title may be "It Should Happen to Jack Lemmon" with the "It" being Judy Holliday. We'll see and thank you!!

    Aurora at Once Upon a Screen