Monday, May 20, 2024

The Spring 2024 CMBA Blogathon: Screen Debuts & Last Hurrahs


The CMBA Spring Blogathon is here! 

This blogathon celebrates the first tentative steps onto the screen or behind the lens, as well as the grand finales of artistic voyages, for actors/actresses, directors, cinematographers, editors, and fashion designers.

Monday, May 20:
Tuesday, May 21: 
Friday, May 24:


  1. It seems I sometimes have problems posting comments on Blogger. Now half-way through the day two posts above, I am pretty sure 2-3 of the comments I have posted on Blogger blogs do not appear after I submitted them.

    1. Hi, Citizen Screen! I have discovered that Blogger blogs no longer work great with some browsers -- if I use Chrome, my comments go through fine, but not if I use Firefox. Not sure about others like Microsoft Edge or Opera. But you might want to just try a different browser.

      (But it could be that some bloggers just have their comments always moderated, so the blogger themselves have to approve the comments before they appear. Mine are set like that for any post older than 1 week. It cuts down on spam.)

    2. I was having issues posting comments - or even "likes" - mostly on WordPress blogs with both Firefox and Chrome. I was able to comment anonymously on some and am having better luck now after logging off and back on to my WordPress account. Maybe logging on and off Google? Or a settings issue?