Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog of the Week: The Korova Theatre

Alex DeLarge says: "I write short and focused film essays concerning both classic and modern films: no long and boring rants here; only concise poetic insights into great cinema. I wish to bring the esoteric into the mainstream. I write about films to help me express my feelings and understandings regarding this artful medium. This allows me to externalize my abstract gut reactions; it’s sometimes difficult to know why I like/despise a film…but taking the time to actually think about it, to exorcise the ghost in the gray matter, makes the experience all the more pleasurable. I only wish to share feelings with other film aficionados and also gain their knowledge. My tastes are eclectic and run the gamut from Michael Haneke to Robert Bresson, Alfred Hitchcock to Jean-Luc Goddard, or P.T. Anderson to Kim Ki-duk. I write few negative essays mostly because my BS detector is fairly accurate; I just don't waste time on Spielberg or Michael Bay flicks. I hope to interest my readers in films that have been overlooked or shed some new insight into a well-regarded classic. My theatre utilizes the latest in high-tech wizardry and I often review foreign films before they're released in North America...thanks to my region code free blu-ray players. Beginning in 2010, my reviews will include a brief analysis of the disc's quality since my reference calibrated system allows me to view a dvd/bd in its most pristine form. You can check out my technical page for details of the infernal devices that consume my disposable income:) Please enjoy, and if I recommend one pleasurable film that you would have otherwise overlooked, then I'm happy.

The Korova Theatre can be found at:  http://korovatheatrepresents.blogspot.com/
You can e-mail Alex at:  korovatheatre@yahoo.com.

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