Friday, April 22, 2011


THE BLOGATHON IS HERE - Beginning Sunday morning, follow the links listed below for each of the next three days.  Read about your favorites from Hollywood's golden year of movies, learn about new ones, leave a comment and enjoy!

Produced by CMBA Members Page and Becky

Sunday, May 15

It’s A Wonderful World                    
The Women                                       
The Wizard of Oz                              
Another Thin Man                            
The Cat and the Canary                                           
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island     
Dark Victory                                     
Destry Rides Again                          
Dodge City                                        
Five Came Back                               
Gone With the Wind                         
The Return of Dr. X

Monday, May 16, 2011

On Your Toes                                
The Gorilla                                        
Q Planes                                            
Gulliver’s Travels                             
Hunchback of Notre Dame              
Idiot’s Delight                                               
Golden Boy                                       
The Light That Failed                                   
Love Affair                                        
Made for Each Other                                   
The Starmaker                                              
Only Angels Have Wings                 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt                  
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington       
Never Say Die                                              
Of Mice and Men                             
The Old Maid                                    
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex          
The Rules of the Game                    
The Rains Came                               
We are Not Alone                             
Watching A Year – All the Films Of 1939


  1. Wow, there are some awesome movies being reviewed, including some great picks that don't get a lot of attention (e.g., THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT, Q PLANES). I'm looking forward to it!

  2. I'm so excited about this blogathon! This is suuuch a great topic :)

  3. The final list looks great!

    Thanks everyone who signed on and worked with us in selecting some great films and a few that are new to us. With so many amazing writers providing their unique take on these films I know this will be a fun three days.

    As of May 18th when the dust has settled on our frenzied blogs it will be confirmed that 1939 is indeed "The Golden Year" of cinema.

  4. I really wanted to be part of this Blogathon, but I guess I came around too late to get in on it. I do notice that the great Lubitsch film Ninotchka is not slated for review. Is there a possibility to sneak in with that one?

  5. Yes, we (by that I mean lovers of classic movies) know that 1939 is a bonanza year for us. And I appreciate what you're doing and I'm awed by all the wonderful classic movie blogs out there. But can I just ask what happened to the movies that were left off the list? What happened to Ninotchka, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Babes in Arms, Beau Geste, Young Mr. Lincoln, Bachelor Mother and Drums Along the Mohawk, to name some of the nominated films? Some lesser known but worthy of mention might be Lady of the Tropics, Remember?, Northwest Passage, I Take this Woman, and what about The Shop Around the Corner and The Roaring Twenties. And don't forget three Andy Hardy films and three Nancy Drew's. I know there were many, many movies made but just wondered how these got missed?

  6. Kevyn, to participate in the blogathon, you need to be a member of the CMBA. At the top of the sidebar to the right, there's a link that will take to the membership guidelines.

  7. athomeinrome, with 36 of our members participating in the blogathon, there was no way to cover all the great movies released in 1939. Many of the films you mentioned have been reviewed already by our members, so I think that's why you see some of the lesser-known classics being covered.

  8. I would have adored to have participated in this, but sadly my blog isn't quite up to CMBLA standards. (One day!!) No matter, this roster is marvelous and the posts I've read have been fantastic! It's going to be a fabulous three days-- thanks so much for choosing the salivating topic of 1939 for a Blogathon! It is truly a classic movie lover's playground!

  9. Just took care of my entry, on "Made For Each Other":

  10. I just want to say that this has been a great blogathon with one excellent posting after another from so many different perspectives. Thanks to Becky and Page for all their work in putting this together.

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