Friday, April 1, 2016

It's Time for the CMBA Spring Blogathon - Words, Words, Words!

The Classic Movie Blog Association is proud to present Words, Words, Words!, running from April 11th to 15th. Please tune into the blogs below on the dates listed to read some writers writing about writers and writing in classic film!

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th

April 15th

Several of these pieces are also available in a special eBook! You can get it for free over at Smashwords or buy it at Amazon for $0.99, with all profits going toward the National Film Preservation Fund.


  1. Up and running:

  2. Blog post is up at Another Old Movie Blog -

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  3. My posting for Libeled Lady is up.

  4. My post is up, thank you for hosting!

  5. Well, that's just perfect. This really has been the spring from hell, and the latest manifestation of that is that I copied down the dates as 4/11-4/16 so thought I had until tomorrow. Oh hells bells, I'm midway through—I've been working on it for weeks...will post it tomorrow anyway. [hangs head].

    Second Sight Cinema

  6. Nice classic movie lists..I do like Charlie Chaplin's old movies.