Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The 2019 Spring Blogathon is Coming!!!

It's officially still winter, but spring in on the way and with it comes the CMBA Spring Blogathon! This year we take a look at the world of Femme/Homme Fatales of Film Noir. Attractive, seductive and dangerous women and men bringing deadly consequences to those they come in contact with Think Jane Greer in Out of the Past or Alain Delon in Purple Noon.

Two or more  members can write about the same actress/actor but not about the same film. For example, Gloria Grahame in The Big Heat,  Gloria Grahame in Human Desire and Gloria Grahame in In A Lonely Place is acceptable for three bloggers to select.

There are additional banners for you to use on your blogs as you wish.

The dates are April 16th through April 19th.

Provide me with your selection and the date that you would like. Date may be subject to change if we need to balance out the activity.

So far here is what has been taken. 

April 16th (Tuesday)
Caftan Woman: Stanton Carlisle in Nightmare Alley 
The Movie Night Group: Claude Rains in The Unsuspected
Make Mine Film Noir: Marilyn Monroe in Don't Bother to Knock
Silver Screen Modes: Ava Gardner in The Killers
The Old Hollywood Garden: Steve Cochran in Private Hell 36
Cary Grant Won't Eat You: Gloria Grahame in In A Lonely Place 
Speakeasy: Janis Carter in Framed

 April 17th (Wednesday)
Hometowns to Hollywood: Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven
Silver Screenings: John Bromfield in The Big Bluff
Critica Retro: Jean Harlow in The Beast of the City
Second Sight Cinema: Dennis O'Keefe in Raw Deal
Anybody Got a Match?: Rita Haywoth in Glida
Stardust and Shadows: Marie Windsor in The Narrow Margin
Poppity Talks Classic Film: Lucille Bremer in Ruthless
Silent-ology: The Musketeers of Pig Alley 

April 18th (Thursday)
A Person in the Dark: Lily Tomlin in The Late Show
Classic Film and TV Cafe: Peggy Cummins in Gun Crazy 
Maddy Loves Her Classic Films: Rita Hayworth in The Lady From Shanghai
Cinematic Scribbings: Jean Seberg in Breathless
Old Hollywood Films: Jack Palace and Gloria Grahame in Sudden Fear
Film Noir Archive: Linda Darnell in Fallen Angel
Another Old Movie Blog: Alan Ladd in The Blue Dahlia

April 19th (Friday)
Lady Eve's Reel Life: Turner and Garfield in The Postman Always Rings Twice
Twenty Four Frames: Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity
Once Upon A Screen: Gloria Grahame in The Big Heat.
Shadows and Satin: Lawrence Tierney in Born to Kill
Palewriter: Dirk Bogarde in Cast a Dark Shadow
Whimsically Classic: Ann Blyth in Mildred Pierce
Cinema Film Obsessions: Lana Turner in Johnny Eager 


  1. Hometowns to Hollywood: Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven
    Silver Screenings: John Bromfield in The Big Bluff

  2. Hi! Paul Batters here from Silver Screen Classics. I was sure that I put myself down some time ago for this Blogathon but I can't see my choice in the roster. Originally I chose Jane Greer in Out Of The Past. Could I please be added to the roster for Tuesday April 16th? I hope that's ok! Thanking you in advance and best regards, Paul.