Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 CMBA Hitchcock Blogathon

Welcome to the Classic Movie Blog Association's 2011 Hitchcock Blogathon. It's a marathon homage to the Master of Suspense, spanning over 40 years of his films. Twenty members of the CMBA are reviewing the following Hitchcock classics (click on the blog name to read the post):

The Birds – Classic Film & TV Café
Dial M for MurderTrue Classics: The ABCs of Film
The Lady VanishesMacGuffin Movies
Lifeboat – Classicfilmboy’s Movie Paradise
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) – Reel Revival
MarnieMy Love of Old Hollywood 
Mr. and Mrs. SmithCarole & Co. 
North By NorthwestBette’s Classic Movie Blog
NotoriousTwenty Four Frames
The Pleasure GardenThrilling Days of Yesteryear
Rear WindowJava’s Journey
RebeccaClassicBecky’s Film and Literary Review
RopeKevin’s Movie Corner
Shadow of a DoubtGreat Entertainers Media Archive
The 39 StepsGarbo Laughs
Three Classic Hitchcock KillersThe Lady Eve’s Reel Life
Torn Curtain - Via Margutta 51
The Trouble with HarryBit Part Actors
VertigoNoir and Chick Flicks
The Wrong ManThe Movie Projector

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Almost Here...

The CMBA Hitchcock Blogathon will take place on Monday, January 17th. Twenty CMBA members are writing about their favorite Hitchcock films and characters during a marathon one-day event. Be sure to check back here on Monday morning for a list of all the films and blogs. Or, you can go directly to your favorite CMBA classic movie blogs and read their Hitchcock reviews!