Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CMBA Blogger Profile: Classic Film and TV Café

The CMBA is excited to start a new series that profiles our member bloggers. Two classic movie blogs will be featured each month, one on the 1st and the other on the 15th. Today we're toasting the blog (and the man) who started it all: Rick from Classic Film and TV Café.

Classic Film and TV Café is a lively blog that always teaches you something new. Topics include classic film and television shows, obscure facts about classic celebrities and the famous Movie-TV Connection Game (click HERE for a sample).

One of the outstanding features of this blog is the impressive amount of interviews the Café conducts. Rick has interviewed a surprising number of classic film and television insiders, including celebrities and biographers.

"I've been fortunate enough to interview several classic film and television stars," says Rick. "One of my favorite interviews was with three-time Oscar nominee Piper Laurie. I sat beside her for almost an hour at a nostalgia convention, and she patiently answered my questions as she autographed photos." (You can read the interview HERE.) 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Coming Soon: Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month, whose roots go back to 1968, begins each year on September 15 and ends on October 15.  In celebration, Once Upon a Screen presents the Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon to commemorate the impact Hispanics have made on Hollywood.


Posts celebrating Hispanic Heritage in Hollywood that focus on actors, filmmakers or films that celebrate, depict or examine aspects of Hispanic culture are welcome.  Or, you may also choose to discuss the treatment of a Hispanic Hollywood player or players in general on-screen or behind the scenes.  The possibilities are endless.  While this blogathon’s focus is primarily “classic” Hollywood cinema, Hispanics are making an impact in films today so if you’re burning to write about a contemporary Latin American actor, filmmaker or film, that’s fine, too.
For more details on this blogathon, click HERE.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Winners of the 2015 CMBA Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners! Also, a special thanks to all of the bloggers who submitted articles, read the articles, and voted. 

Best Film Review

Queen Christina ( 1933 ) -

Best Film Review ( Musical/Comedy )

In Defense of Lina Lamont - The Vintage Cameo

Best Film Article

Real-life Society "Honor Slaying" Inspires Two Movies - Immortal Ephemera

Best Classic Movie Series

History Through Hollywood: or, What I Learned from Classic Movies - The Blonde at the Film

Best Profile of a Classic Movie Performer or Filmmaker

CMBA Forgotten Stars Blogathon : Eddie Cantor - Once Upon a Screen

Best Classic Movie Event

The Great Villain Blogathon April 13-17, 2015 Hosted by Speakeasy. Co-hosted by Shadows and Satin • Silver Screenings

Best Classic Movie Blog Design

Silver Scenes 

Shadows and Satin

Now stop hanging about this blog and go out and celebrate! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Week of the CMBA Awards!

The official nominees for the 2015 CMBA awards have been decided. Congratulations to all of these fine bloggers! Below you will find the links to all of their posts. If you did not yet make time to read them, now is the time to do so. When you are ready to vote then check your inbox for the email marked "The 2015 CMBA Awards" and you will find a link to the survey. Vote for only one nominee in each category!

The ballot for the CMBA Awards will be open until September 16th.

If you have any questions about the awards, this year's submissions, or the voting process, you can leave a comment in the box below or send us an email here.

Good luck to all of our nominees!

2015 CMBA Nominees


Queen Christina -
Captain's Courageous - Immortal Ephemera
The Adventure of Robin Hood - Silver Scenes
The Helen Morgan Story - Another Old Movie Blog
Double Indemnity - The Blonde at the Film


Dames -
In Defense of Lina Lamont - The Vintage Cameo
The General - Second Sight Cinema
The Rules of the Game - Speakeasy
Ear-way Innay the UNNA-May - Mildred's Fatburgers


Real Life Society Honor Slaying Inspires Two 1932 Films - Immortal Ephemera 
Newsreels of the Early 1930s - Second Sight Cinema
Paramount in Paris - The Blonde at the Film
How I "Met" James Cagney - Hometowns to Hollywood
*Tie*  - Summer Reading Challenge - Shadows and Satin
         - Antonio Moreno and the Story of Spanish-Language Hollywood - Once Upon a Screen
         - Random Harvest of Thoughts - Now Voyaging


Film Noir of the Week - Old Hollywood Films
Classic Movie Blog Tips - Java's Journey
History Through Hollywood - The Blonde at the Film

(Note : Biopic Theater was dropped after one day when the blogger asked to have an article added in a different category in its place )


Helen Twelvetrees - Immortal Ephemera
Robert Montgomery - Caftan Woman
Eddie Cantor - Once Upon a Screen
The Year of Ann Blyth - Another Old Movie Blog
Notes on Peter Lorre - Second Sight Cinema


The Beach Party Blogathon - Silver Screenings
The Great Villain Blogathon - Speakeasy
The 2015 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon - Journeys in Classic Film


Silver Scenes 
Once Upon a Screen
The Blonde at the Film
Shadows and Satin
The Vintage Cameo

Alas, we won't be holding a banquet after the awards...I just thought this was a cool photo.