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Each month, the CMBA profiles a classic movie blog written by one of our members. This month, we are featuring Madeleine (aka "Maddy") Langham, who writes at Classic Film and TV Corner.  

1. Why do you blog?

When I write my articles and reviews I like to think that in the process I am hopefully raising awareness of lesser known/lesser discussed classic era films and series; as well as encouraging people to check out black and white films and non-English language films and TV series.

2. Besides classic movie blogging, what are some of your other passions?

I love reading fiction and non-fiction. I’m also a major history buff, my particular topics of interest include pioneering women; royal history; ancient Egypt and ancient Rome; WW2; the golden age of ocean liners; fashion and female aviators.

3. If you could program a perfect day of classic movies for TCM, what would be the seven films on your schedule?

I wish we had this channel here in the UK. I love their YouTube account where they share their stunning promo trailers and their poignant and beautifully done In Memoriam videos. I would program a day of Japanese films and a day of British films. I do get the impression that the channel overwhelmingly focuses on American films - rather than showing large amounts of films from other countries as well – so it would be nice to introduce American audiences to classic films, directors, actors etc that they’re not familiar with from other countries.  

Japanese Films

Ikiru(1952) Directed by Akira Kurosawa

When A Woman Ascends The Stairs(1960) Directed by Mikio Naruse

Street Of Shame(1956) Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi

Rashomon(1950) Directed by Akira Kurosawa

The Eternal Breasts(1955) The third film from Japan’s second female film director Kinuyo Tanaka. This is a powerful and moving story following a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Onibaba(1964) Directed by Kaneto Shindo

Late Spring(1949) Directed by Yasujiro Ozu

British Films 

Millions Like Us(1943) Directed by Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder

Pool Of London(1951) Directed by Basil Dearden

The Small Back Room(1949) Directed by Michael Powell

The Passionate Friends(1949) Directed by David Lean

My Beautiful Laundrette(1985) Directed by Stephen Frears

Saturday Night And Sunday Morning(1960)Directed by Karel Reisz

Went The Day Well?(1942) Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti

4. What is a classic movie that you love, but most people don't know about -- and what do you love about it?

Shooting Stars(1928). Anthony Asquith’s British Silent film is one of the best films about filmmaking ever made. It’s become my favourite Silent film. I love the performances, the cinematography, and most of all the way that the story plays with us by massively changing direction and becoming much darker and more surprising in its second half. I try and recommend this one to as many people as I can. I don’t know if it’s streaming anywhere, but it has received a beautiful Blu-ray release from the British Film Institute. 

5. What is something that most people don't know about you?

I have recently been published for the first time. I am a contributing author to the book New Waves: 1980s TV In Britain, which is edited by Rodney Marshall. I have written about the groundbreaking series The Gentle Touch (1980-1984), which was the first British series to feature a female police officer as its lead character. 

I am also Autistic. 


We thank Maddy for participating in our Q&A profile and encourage you to visit Classic Film and TV Corner !