Saturday, May 1, 2010

If I have a Classic Movie Blog, why should I join CMBA?

Here are three good reasons for becoming a member of CMBA:

1. Unlike general online blogging communities, CMBA members are devoted specifically to celebrating classic movies. CMBA provides a unique forum for its members to exchange blogging ideas, promote each other's blogs, and provide quality assurance by monitoring each other's blogs and providing confidential feedback.

2. CMBA can increase the number of readers for your blog. CMBA members are encouraged to comment on--and link to--each other's blogs, thereby creating a network of classic movie blogs that will generate greater online traffic.

3. CMBA recognizes excellence in classic movie blogging via an awards program administered by and for its members.

There is no cost to joining CMBA. There are requirements to place a CMBA link on your blog site. CMBA will never be monetized nor accept advertising in any form. It is a nonprofit organization and will stay one. Current members must vote on the acceptance of new members. If you have a classic movie blog and are interested in applying for CMBA membership, send an e-mail to:


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