Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Month of Vertigo

The Lady Eve’s ReelLife devotes January 2012 to “A Month of Vertigo.” 11 bloggers--10 guest contributors and the Lady herself--will blog on Alfred Hitchcock’s mysterious masterpiece throughout the first month of 2012. A slew of CMBA members will participate in The Lady Eve’s first real (reel?) blog event: John Greco of TwentyFour Frames, Whistlingypsy of Distant Voices, Flickering Shadows, Christian Esquevin of Silver Screen Modiste, Brandie Ashe of True Classics, Classicfilmboy of Classicfilmboy’s Movie Paradise, Allen Hefner of Bit Part Actors and R.D. Finch of The Movie Projector. They’ll be joined by Steven DeRosa, author of WritingWith Hitchcock, Michael Nazarewycz of ManILoveFilms.com (aka ScribeHard on Twitter) and Brandon K. Goco, age 20, of Brandon Kyle the Cinephile (who guest hosted Turner Classic Movies’ podcast series in October). With input from TheLady Eve, Brandon whipped up this one minute video clip about the event:


  1. I for one am looking forward to A MONTH OF VERTIGO and seeing everyone's difference takes on it!

  2. Dorian - I'll be adding more soon on my blog about what each blogger plans to post during "A Month of VERTIGO." I'm looking forward to what everyone has to say, too.

  3. That makes three of us—I'd better get back to work!