Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who's the Greatest Villain of Them All?

Join the Great Villain Blogathon, April 20 - 26

You are cordially invited to participate in the Great Villain Blogathon, a celebration, an examination, a rumination on your choice of classic movie menace. Whether human, fantastical, alien, mineral or animal, whether horseback or spaceship, clad in a toga, trench coat or cardigan, whether mantrap, mild mannered or commanding vast armies, write up a post on your favorite movie baddie, doer of dastardly deeds or offender of moral order.

Your co-hosts in this exploration of villainy are...

If you wish to take part, please leave a comment on any of the host blogs or send an email, and prepare to share who you think is filmdom's worst.


  1. I'd like to write about the Wicked Witch Of the West (Margaret Hamilton) in The Wizard of Oz (2939). Is she available?

    1. Vanessa, Your best bet in reserving a subject is to contact Ruth or Karen or Kristina at one of the host blogs or send them an email (see above). Thanks for your interest!

  2. I for one am looking forward to blogging about PSYCHO! :-)