Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Almost Time For A CMBA Blogathon!

The CMBA Blogathon: Forgotten Stars 

CMBA members will turn the spotlight on Hollywood's forgotten stars. You know the ones: yesterday they were at the top of the heap and today they are barely remembered.  The event will run from October 27-31 and we do hope you'll join us.

If you haven't yet signed on for the Blogathon and you would like more details email  with CMBA Blogathon in the title by October 3rd.

We hope you'll add a banner to promote the event and stay tuned for the full list of participants.


  1. If Kay Francis isn't already spoken for, please let me know!

  2. I'm told I can blog about Kay Francis about Forgotten Stars -- hooray! Thanks! :-D