Thursday, September 1, 2022

CMBA Profile: The Classic Movie Muse

The CMBA profiles a classic movie blog written by one of our members each month. This month, we’re featuring Ari, who writes at The Classic Movie Muse.

CMBA: What makes a film a “classic” in your opinion?

The Classic Movie Muse: A “classic” defies age with a timelessness that captures the imaginations and hearts of audiences and the appreciation of which grows the more it is seen and explored by historians and fans.

CMBA: Why should people care about “old” black-and-white or color films?

The Classic Movie Muse: People should care about old movies because they are an important and revealing part of our culture and history. Each movie provides a glimpse back in time and in its own way is a history lesson into the dress, behavior, and zeitgeist of the era. 

Also, these films have been and continue to be a never-ending source of inspiration for creatives, artists, and filmmakers. Realizing this connection enriches our understanding and appreciation of both the past and the present. 

In addition to the fabulous personalities and exquisite artistry on display, viewers also discover stories that find a place not only in their mind, but in their soul.

CMBA: What genres do you favor?

The Classic Movie Muse: Genre is secondary to story for me. As long as I am invested in the story, I am along for the ride.

CMBA: Is there a classic film that you find yourself watching again and again?

The Classic Movie Muse: There is a film that is not far from my mind at any given moment. I find myself endlessly fascinated by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

The performances by James Stewart and Kim Novak are visceral and powerful, the other-worldly score by Bernard Herrmann haunts the viewer long after the ending, and each shot could be framed and placed in a museum. In my opinion, filmmaking doesn't get much more beautifully striking than Vertigo.

CMBA: What classic films do you recommend to people who may not have seen many older films?

The Classic Movie Muse: For those who haven't seen many older films I would recommend a smorgasbord of classics: North by Northwest, Rear Window, Singin’ in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, Bringing Up Baby, Casablanca, Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce, Sunset Boulevard, Roman Holiday, Shane, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

CMBA: What is most rewarding about blogging for you?

The Classic Movie Muse: For me, there is nothing more rewarding than connecting with others who love classic movies as much as I do. 

Hearing their enthusiasm for these films and their fond memories associated with them brings me such joy. I have learned so much from this wonderful community and am grateful for the opportunity to share along with them.

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  1. Lovely to learn more about Ari, and another Bernard Herrman score I must check out.