Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog of the Week: Classic Movie Digest

Rupert Alistair's Classic Movies Digest strives to be a haven for the classic movie lover, covering films and filmmakers from Hollywood's Golden Age.

Rupert says: "I love classic movies and I love to meet and converse with others who have the same interest. Classic movies offer so much and I want to spread the word so more people can discover and appreciate them."

You may want to check out some of Rupert's recent posts (click on the title to read each one):

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"The Women" Revisited


  1. Rupert, I really like your nice clean site layout...and, of course, your tastes in classic movies.

  2. Rupert, I have followed your blog as long as I have been a TCM member.:)

  3. Thanks folks! I'm so glad we all have this venue to promote our collective passion for these great classic films that I know we ALL love.

  4. Hey thats cool news for all movie lover. I too read this blog very peacefully interested. Thanks a lot for it.

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